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Across The Yellowstone

A Tribute to an amazing father

Tue, December 26, 2017

He was always sketching on any scrap of paper that was available. Vernon Drake drew from the time he could hold a pencil. As his son, I learned about my father through his illustrations. This book contains a collection of his drawings made on envelopes, sketchbooks, recycled paper, and church bulletins. These are not the best examples of his art, as he painted in watercolor and oils, but this collection tells his story. The journey from a poor dry land farm boy to a successful architect is reflected in the lines laid down over a lifetime.

Available on or order directly from me.

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Mystery Project

Mystery Project in the works!

Sun, November 12, 2017

Not one to sit idle after completing a book, Lawrence Drake is hard at work on a mystery project that is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. Diversity is the spice of life, and Drake is applying that principle to this project. Look for it next month.

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Book Published

Shellville available in paperback and kindle!

Sat, November 11, 2017

Years in the writing, Lawrence Drake brings the story of his adventures as a young aviator to print. Set in the late 70's, Drake discovers a corner of aviation that lives in the past. That discovery, combined with an encounter with a romance that crosses oceans and cultures, makes for an enjoyable and compelling story.

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square shelter

New manufacturer for shelters and campers!

Tue, August 1, 2017

Manufacturing and marketing rights for the Tail Feather Camper and Quite Lite Shelter Kits developed by Lawrence Drake, have been licensed to Teal Global Enterprises, LLC of Longmont, Colorado. Drake will be assisting this new startup company on a limited consulting basis. Initial concentration will be on the modular shelters, followed by camper development early next year.

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VLD display

Wandering Wanda in the National Museum of WWII aviation!

Wed, Jun 15, 2016

Mission Completed, a video produced by Lawrence Drake, commemorates his father's time as a B-24 pilot and artist during WWII. Vernon Drake was stationed in India and flew bombing and tanker runs into China and Burma. He applied his artistic talents to cadet class books and to nose art painted on bombers in the CBI. A collection of his art and artifacts are now displayed in The National Museum of WWII Aviation in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Along with the display is a nose art piece, "Wandering Wanda," reproduced for the museum by Lawrence Drake.
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