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Author of Red Boots Rebel, Up Hill Dreaming, Schellville, and occasional short stories




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$12.95 Paperback (plus postage) / $4.99 Kindle

The Aviator and the Hippie

Lawrence Drake - Non-fiction / Memoir / Aviation / Romance / Adventure

The story of a young aviator who undertakes a quest for adventure and love. Along the way he encounters truly unique people and places.

Red Boots Rebel

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$12.95 Paperback (plus postage) / $4.99 Kindle

An uncommon Vietnam War era story

Lawrence Drake - Non-fiction / Memoir / History / Vietnam War

This book¬†tells the story of an Air Force airman whose innocent world is rocked when he uncovers disturbing truths regarding the Vietnam “conflict." Serving several years in a top secret organization, he witnessed behind the scenes politics. What he did next was bewildering to those in command.

Up Hill Dreaming

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Up Hill Dreaming
Dreamers, Schemers and Scalawags

Lawrence Drake - Non-fiction / Entrepreneur Self Help Guide

Lawrence weaves tales of real life encounters with dreamers, schemers, and scalawags that can make or break a new business. A good book for the new entrepreneur or small business owner looking to start a business or raise new capital.

Across The Yellowstone

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Across The Yellowstone
The Pencil of Vernon L. Drake

Lawrence Drake - Non-fiction / Art

My father was always sketching. He left a legacy of wonderful pencil drawings and accompanying stories. This book contains one hundred pages of illustrations that follow Vernon's life as a teenage boy, through WWII as a bomber pilot, a lover of Western history, a family man and professional architect.

Short Stories

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Collection of Short Stories

Online short stories - 15 min. read each
Lawrence Drake

Take a few minutes and enjoy the misadventures of a young pilot. Whether you fly or not, these quick stories will entertain.

Mission Completed

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Mission Completed

Online Video: 30 minute (short version - 12 min.)
Produced by Lawrence Drake

A documentary film honoring the contributions of Lt. Vernon L. Drake in World War II. Lt. Drake was a B-24 pilot in the China, Burma, India Theater. He also painted a number of nose art pictures on bombers, two of which are now in the American Airpower Heritage Museum collection located in Midland, Texas.


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SketchUp Plugin
Developed by Lawrence Drake and John Moore

This Sketchup Plugin is designed for the hot water heating industry. It provides the industry with a tool to quickly layout heating and cooling systems in realistic 3D computer modeling. Ideal for students and small shops.


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Online Slide Rule
Developed by Lawrence Drake

An all-in-one online tool for designing radiant floor heating systems. Complete with slide charts, instructions, and worksheets. For the DIY'er or professionals.

Quite Lite

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Tail Feather Camper and Quick Cabin

Delveloped by Lawrence Drake

Modular, portable kits molded from polyethelyne plastic that can be assembled in an hour or two with a screwdriver. The camper can be mounted on a standard utility trailer. Both campers and shelters are fully insulated and extremely light and durable. Patented in 2011

Currently licensed to Teal Global Enterprises, LLC


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