Book Formatting
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You've written your book, and now you need to get it into a format for self publishing. Whether that format is for a printer or an ebook, I can help. I can work with you, person to person, to get your book to look and print the way you want it. I have been creating books and manuals for print for over thirty years.

Rates: $10 for 10K words, 30K words minimum. First format.
Add 25% for each additional format.
Format = pdf, epub, mobi
, ibooks
Books with a lot of images or special formating may be extra.

3D Illustrations
Make your book pop with great illustrations drawn in 3D. I have over ten years experience drawing with SketchUp, and can create mechanical and technical drawings that look like the real thing. Rates: $50 per hour. One hour minimum. Time required dependent on complexity. Estimate provided prior drawing.
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I have over forty years experience in writing articles, training manuals, short stories, and non-fiction books. If you have a manual or story you would like written, give me a call.


Rates: $50 per hour minimum or $0.15 per word, whichever is less.


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