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Lawrence V. Drake

Lawrence V. Drake is a life long entrepreneur who has established several businesses including an international industry trade association, manufacturing companies, a marketing business and more. He holds several successful patents. Drake has been published in numerous periodicals, written industry related books and authored a monthly international newsletter for years. He has been a pilot for most of his life, owning and flying a variety of sport and private aircraft from a WWII trainer, crop dusters, amature built and conventional. The prompting of his daughters to share his story led to the writing of the Red Boots Rebel. A lifetime career as an entrepreneur starting and growing new businesses led to the writing of Up Hill Dreaming.

Born and raised in Montana, Lawrence has lived all over the western U.S. In his early years he worked as a flight instructor, crop duster, and aerobatic instructor, owning and flying a variety of airplanes including antiques and amateur built. He spent a number of years in the solar and radiant heating industries as a manufacturer and business owner.

"A lifetime of experiences and a passion for writing has led to this new avocation."

Up Hill Dreaming Cover

Dreamers, Schemers, and Scalawags
Challenges of the entrepreneur life

We've all met them at one time or another. If we are honest, sometimes we have even been them. A lifetime as an entrepreneur, and a mixture of successes and failures fill this book with a wide cast of characters. Author Lawrence V. Drake weaves tales of real life encounters with individuals and circumstances that can make or break a new business. This book is a must read for anyone venturing into or is living the entrepreneurial life.


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Illustrations by Vernon L. Drake (circa 1943)

"I'll betcha five bucks I can tell you exactly where you got them nice shoes."
"OK, I'll bite," I said knowing I was about to lose five bucks. I was certain that there was no way he could know where I got my shoes, but I figured it would be worth it just to see how he was going to pull off his scam. Read the Preview to find out where I got my shoes.


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