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There are some people who are natural-born storytellers. They rope you in, have you waist-deep in a story you can't (and don't want to) escape from until there's resolution, and that's exactly what happens with this book. Within only a few hours, I went from interested to thoroughly ensconced to enlightened. Larry Drake is one of those storytellers
- Arbon

Red Boots Rebel tells the story of an Air Force airman whose innocent world is rocked when he uncovers disturbing truths regarding the Vietnam “conflict". Author Larry Drake takes us on a vivid personal journey from a humble Montana upbringing to basic training to a top secret data center, where he realizes the U.S. military has been distorting battlefield reports. Larry is forced to make a bold choice, one that will impact the rest of his life. Readers will appreciate his honesty, personal evolution and courage to stand up for what he knows is right.
- Tim (former publisher)

Very good book, story line of a normal American young man put in a situation where he had to make a hard decision, follow the flow or follow what he believed to be the right thing to do. the writer does an excellent job of telling the story of his adventure and some life lessons. highly recommend this book
- M&A

I loved this book! I'm not usually one to read stories of war, but this book felt incredibly relevant to our times. It was an engaging and intimate peek "behind the curtain" that helped illuminate a time in history and the military in new way. I would recommend it to anyone!
- Amazon Customer


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You pulled me in from the very beginning of your story and I felt a little shaky myself, wondering what was about to happen to you. You've done a remarkable job of writing your story so that it has the feel of a novel; very few authors can take that leap and make it as readable as you've made this manuscript.
- Catherine

For those of us who lived through the Vietnam era, this book provides an entirely new and unexpected perspective. While the destination feels familiar, the oftentimes humorous journey about a serious topic is worth the ride. If we couldn't laugh, we still might go insane. You can't make this stuff up.
- Mike

I finished reading "Red Boots Rebel" a few minutes ago. I wish I could communicate like you do as there are so many reactions. First, it is wonderful on so many levels. I learned so much and from perspectives I wish I'd known before. Move over "M.A.S.H."
- Lana

Red Boots Rebel is the fascinating story of conflict not confined to the battle field. Conflict over the Viet Nam war led many to dodge the draft and protesters to march in the streets. Conflict also existed within the minds of some soldiers, especially those with intelligence information that differed from what was being reported back home. With a mix of seriousness and humor, Lawrence Drake provides insight into the personal conflict of a soldier faced with making a choice between blind loyalty to the military versus moral conviction. This is the story of the path chosen; a story mixed with risk, fear, intrigue, and humor. Once you start down the path, you won't stop until you reach the end.
- Dale

This book took me by surprise as it was so much more than a autobiography of a four year window in your life. It is an intriguing story that revealed some disturbing truths about the military command that made me feel as if I wanted to join your team. The courage you and the Red Boots demonstrated is inspiring. This book is so well written that once I picked it up, it was hard to put down. Thanks for making your story available.
- Dennis

"Red Boots Rebel" is a unique and fascinating personal memoir of the Viet Nam conflict from the intelligence perspective. Filled with excellent discription, Red Boots is an interesting read about how one young man's experiences affected and shaped his life.
- ImoJeane

Red Boots Rebel Keeping Secrets is a true story of a young Air Force Intelligence Command sergeant, Lawrence Drake. With an inside view of how the Vietnam War was waged, he rebelled against taking the security oath. In his heart and mind, he was "doing the right thing". The response of the military command to the sergeant's conviction to "do the right thing" is a conflict within a conflict. "Walking in his shoes", the reader is himself challenged with the question of would I "do the right thing?" It is a great read! Find out what Lawrence experienced and how the military kept secrets.
- Thomas



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