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"Schellville is a story of romance in the air and across cultures"

-based on a true story-


From the ashrams of India to the skies over San Francisco Bay, take a journey filled with adventure, danger, romance, and history.

There was a time and a place where old biplanes rumbled across the sky, pilots were true aviators, and the love of
flying was alive and well.

Half a world away, an adverturous young girl seeks wisdom at the feet of a mystic guru.

With little in common, an uncommon tale is created when they meet.


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The Author

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Lawrence V. Drake

Author of Red Boots Rebel and Up Hill Dreaming, Drake has been published in numerous periodicals, written industry related books, and penned a monthly international newsletter. He has been a pilot for most of his life, owning and flying a variety of sport and private aircraft. Born and raised in Montana, Lawrence has lived all over the western U.S. In his early years he worked as a flight instructor, crop duster, and aerobatic instructor, owning and flying a variety of airplanes including antiques and amateur built. He spent a number of years in the solar and radiant heating industries as a manufacturer and business owner. He writes from first-hand experience of a love of aviation and a passion for life.


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