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11/16/13 buttonOld School versus New School - How far have we come? Lawrence Drake, Teal International Corporation
Former Executive Director of the RPA
1/7/12 buttonApple Simplicity - What every hydronic designer should read Walter Isaacson
From the book, Steve Jobs
11/27/11 buttonIn Defense of a Scapegoat - The demise of the Radiant Panel Association

Lawrence Drake
Former Executive Director of the RPA

11/1/11 buttonHydronics Left Behind - The story behind the shrinking hydronic market share

Lawrence Drake
The full article (read the abbreviated version in Contractor Magazine)

6/3/11 buttonISH 2011 Product Review - products that refelect low energy use, reduced emissions, environmental stewardship John Siegenthaler
5/9/11 ButtonFar Infrared - biological benefits of radiant heating Sang Whang, Professor Li Dong Qi,
4/28/11 Repositioning Hydronics - presentation at the 2011 CIPH Atlantic Conference

Robert Bean

2/8/11 Comfort Undervalued Michael Scharing
1/24/11 Those Dreaded Stairs - What does it take to change choice and behavior. Video (1:48) - The funtheory.com - Volkswagen
Very entertaining with a profound messge
1/19/11 Hydronic Distribution Systems That Enhance High Efficiency Heat Sources John Siegenthaler (presentation given at Build America 2010)

Zoning Hydronic Systems with ECM Technology

John Fantauzzi (written for the RPA and updated)
1/21/11 The Biggest Loser - Rethink sizing circulators Dave Yates
Published in Contractor Magazine Jan 5, 2011
1/21/12 Do You Really Want Hydronic Heating? - What the opposition is saying. Robert Platt Bell
Living Stingy Blog
Patent Attorney, Jekyll Island, Georgia
  Comfort - Easy to say, Difficult to discribe Lawrence Drake
  Cost of Radiant - 2001 to 2004 survey Lawrence Drake
  Finding A Leak - Hot to find leaks in hydronic tubing embedded in radiant floors Lawrence Drake
  Foiled Again - Understanding reflective insulation under concrete radiant floor slabs Lawrence Drake
  Hard Data - 1999 research project by Kansas State University provides data on radiant floor heating systems Lawrence Drake
  Hypo What? - A personal visit to the ruins of Roman radiant floor heating systems Lawrence Drake
  In The Mix - Using three-way mixing valves to provide the proper water temperature to radiant floors Lawrence Drake
  It's A Dangerous World - Legionella and open loop radiant heating systems Lawrence Drake
  Low Mass Systems - A look a low mass, above the subfloor hydronics radiant heating systems Lawrence Drake
  Making Radiant Green - Fitting radiant heating systems into the LEED program Lawrence Drake
  Nature's Balance - The balance between radiation and convection is often ignored or misunderstood Lawrence Drake
  Operative Bald Spot - A real world explanation of operative temperature and how it affect comfort Lawrence Drake
  T'is The Season - A look at the many ways of applying snow melting systems Lawrence Drake
  A System WIth A Heart - Sizing and operating circulators in hydornic systems Lawrence Drake
  A Square Peg In A Round Hole - The chanllenges of using a tankless domestic water heater to power a radiant floor system Lawrence Drake
  Wood Floor And Moisture - The affects of moisture on wood floors and radiant floor heating installations Lawrence Drake


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