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iDrawnics is plugin and a collection of mechanical heating components created for use with the SketchUp program offered by Trimble. SketchUp is a powerful and user friendly 3D drawing program used by thousands of artists, architects, engineers, students, and hobbiests to create realist designs and representations of all kinds of things from skyscrapers to glass slippers.

Lawrence Drake,founder and past executive director of the Radiant Panel Association (now the Radiant Professionals Alliance) has over thirty years of experience in the heating industry.. After working with a number of 3D CAD programs, he discovered SketchUp and its easy to use format. It was not only much easier to learn and to use than other programs, it was far more affordable. In fact, the basic SketchUp Make program is free.

Drake had become proficient at drawing components with SketchUp but was looking for a way to make them easier to assemble into a compete mechanical system on screen. As a result, he teamed up with John Moore, creator of, to write a plugin for SketchUp specifically for the design of mechanical heating and cooling systems. Together they created the iDrawnics pugin.

To make SketchUp and the iDrawnics plugin more useful to contractors, engineers and students, a collection of components such a boilers, pumps, valves, controls and piping were created. With this collection an iDrawnics user could simply draw piping paths and snap the selected component to the path to draw unique heating systems in 3D. Reporting and spec data features were added to the components, along with reporting features that would allow the user to quickly generate time and material reports from thier system creations.

After two years of beta testing, iDrawnics was officially launched in February of 2015. is co-owned by Lawrence Drake and John Moore
Loveland, Colorado


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The iDrawnics Story


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